Starting is the Hardest Part

This is the first proper blog post I’ve shared with the universe! The subject matter is something I am passionate about, but also wary of how it can be perceived as something very ‘airy fairy’. Many people will have heard the word meditation and associated it with some esoteric nonsense practiced by hippies. As a 30 year old male, working in a bank in London, I couldn’t be further from that! Given that I’m a relatively normal kind of guy, I hope my journey and story resonates with people, and that it inspires more and more of the world to become mindful. For me, meditation has given me peace, happiness (and all the rest of the fuzzy words), but also just straight up time saving utility value as I'll share over time.

Various blogs and resources will cover the hard facts and unquestionable scientific research that highlight the benefits of consistent practice. From my perspective, I want to make meditation more approachable, relatable, and normal for the the Average Jo (/anne). To me, it’s still surprising that more people around the world have not begun to incorporate this into their daily lives. This site was created to raise awareness through a different voice and through a regular guys journey through it all. Please follow along! Also, I Instagram, if that’s how you roll :D

Lastly, Happy St. Patrick's Day!