Hi there, I'm Sulabh (my friends call me Suly)! I'm training to be a meditation teacher and also about to start an Msc in Mindfulness. Also, my day job is in a bank! I hope to spread the power of meditation by making it more approachable and avoiding fuzzy mysticism as much as possible. Traditionally considered to be the domain of 'hippies' or 'bearded gurus', with little practical application for normal people with real jobs, there has historically been a stigma associated with the term. As a 30 something male, working in financial services in the heart of London, I can happily affirm that this is for everyone! I have lived in Sydney for most of my life, but also spent close to five years in the US. I hope my journey and story resonates with people, and that it inspires more and more of the world to become mindful. 

You can also follow my journey on Instagram, I'm meditationwithsuly! DM me there for a quick response :D